Inspired, creative and solution orientated product professional with experience in directing cross-functional teams, developing software using agile methodology, and evaluating emerging platform technologies. Experienced, educated, intelligent, and accomplished subject matter expert in product management, marketing, and emerging technologies.

I was born in Colorado and my heart still resides there. I have also lived in Wisconsin, Tennessee and Florida, where I now reside.

I was blessed to have a strong, loving and god-fearing family. The discipline and direction I didn’t receive from them, I received from another family serving in the US Navy. I was honored to meet and serve with some of the finest people in this nation, including members of the Marines, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard. My heart will always be humbled, I will always admire your dedication, and you will always have my respect.

After service and an honorable discharge, I made my way to Southern Florida where I was proud to call myself a Bull. I graduated from the University of South Florida as a dual major in Marketing and Management.

I then completed my MBA with a concentration in Marketing at Florida Institute of Technology. I finished my academic career at Saint Leo University where I completed 2 additional post-graduate classes in Sales Management and Business Management.

My Philosophy

My goal every day is to inspire someone to become something greater than they are today; to think past what is easily within reach and challenge them to step outside their comfort zone; to find their purpose, master their craft, and empower them to look beyond the illusions of obstacles in front of them.

My time of service in the US Navy helped me understand how powerful people really are. It is not easy to get a group of individuals to work towards a common goal, with a sense of purpose and infectious enthusiasm; where relationships are built on a foundation of trust, ownership and cooperation; that the idea of leaving anyone behind, to fend for themselves, is foolish; where the impossible happens every day and innovation is more than a word.

I believe management is about processes, and tasks; leadership is about people.

People Who Inspire Me
Simon Sinek
Steve Jobs
Jane McGonigal
Admiral William H. McRaven
Aimee Mullins