Master’s degree education in marketing with 8+ years of industry experience

Proven leader, creative thinker, problem solver, and innovative visionary with a passion for simplicity

Saint Leo University

Graduate Degree

Florida Institute of Technology

Masters in Business Administration - Marketing

University of South Florida

Bachelors of Arts in Marketing
Bachelors of Arts in Management

University of San Francisco

Certification in Internet Marketing

Saint Leo University

GPA 4.0


Post Graduate Studies in Brand Management and Sales Management

Florida Institute of Technology

GPA 3.9

Graduated 2010

MBA - concentration in Marketing

University of South Florida

GPA 3.1

Graduated 2007

Dual Major

BA in Marketing

BA in Management

University of San Francisco

Certification in Internet Marketing

Experience & Expertise

    Proven leader, creative thinker, problem solver, and innovative visionary with a passion for simplicity

    Knowledgeable and influential industry enthusiast

    Consulting experience in both traditional and digital marketing strategies

Industry Enthusiast

Working in the technology industry is exciting, but requires a significant amount of effort to stay in touch with industry trends. I am passionate about reading industry news, effectively reading over 200 articles a week.

Solutions Engineer

As a product and marketing professional, I take pride in driving the right solutions for the clients, or customers. Solution enginners are focused on creating value-based, and planned solutions with an epedemic benefit.

Master Puzzle Builder

A Master Puzzle Builder is someone that has the ability to see both the high-level details, or big picture; they also have the abilty to see every detail. They understand how everything fits together. Every Master Puzzle Builder can see the missing piece long before their peers, and continuously works proactively to ensure the "big picture" remains in focus.

Creative Farmer

A Creative Farmer is a characteristic of someone that is passionate about strategy differentiation and sustainability. Proactively planning and building things that bear fruit and revenue for a long time. Early adopters and always focused on the "why", creative farmers are the ones that feed the rest of the industry for years.

Professional Experience

Cox Target Media

Digital Product Manager

  • Developed new media/digital product line to meet departmental and organizational goals, sales plans/strategies and customer needs.
  • Assisted in developing digital product and service concept recommendation documents which articulate the market, financial and corporate opportunity.
  • Builds digital product expansions for new media products and create standalone digital product offerings business case, product specifications, prototyping and testing.
  • Developed product budgets and coordinated with appropriate technical, creative and business stakeholders to ensure timely and accurate product project implementations.
  • Interfaced with internal and external development resources to develop new products and functionality.
  • Developed efficient work flow processes and procedures to utilize creative digital offerings.
  • Develops sound marketing communication strategies maximizing social marketing, direct to consumer and retail sales opportunities for sales teams.
  • Conducted GAP analysis by monitoring, analyzing, and anticipating both market and technology trends
  • Developments and digital product opportunities to help determine digital product recommendations within the scope of corporate and department objectives.

Everest University

Business Instructor

  • Charismatically commands classrooms and leads students through an educational journey where learning is both personal and professional
  • Reinventing the classroom through the integration of digital technologies, implementation of classroom gamification strategies, and the introduction of social accountability practices
  • Actively teaching as subject matter expert in areas of general business, management, and marketing

Classes Taught

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Introduction to Business
  • Introduction to International Management
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Customer Relations and Services
  • Business Capstone
  • Business Ethics
  • Worplace Continuity & Contingency Planning
  • Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining

Wam Media Group

  • Lead a cross-functional team of 9 (direct reports) to develop, implement, and execute marketing strategy to achieve organizational goals
  • Directed all aspects of integrated marketing plan, including online/offline advertising, promotions, social, digital, marketing communications, email, and events as appropriate.
  • Executed successful marketing programs to increase consumer awareness, drive acquisition, and improve both engagement and retention.
  • Ensured consistent application of positioning and messaging strategy across all components of the marketing mix.
  • Established new processes and implemented best practices.

Bisk Education

  • Directed brand building and lead generating strategies by conducting extensive analysis on marketing trends and competitive products to provide input and guidance on product features, pricing & marketing strategies, gap analysis, and product enhancement strategies.
  • Entrusted with leadership responsibilities over Brand Management while position remained vacant for two years.
  • Developed annual marketing plans and product positioning strategies while managing the day-to-day marketing activities associated with multiple product lines.
  • Contributed to, interacted and collaborated with multiple cross-functional teams in expanding organization outreach, exposure and profits through planning and implementing successful marketing campaigns and programs.